Special program for children

During this interactive show Lady Sou & Mister Banjo, aka Heike and Andy, sing their songs mostly in English, but they teach the children a German song about a teddy bear. After that they will meet a dinosaur named groovy who is looking for a movie theater. With a polonaise and a dino song the children help to find it.


One highlight of this show is a competition beween the kids and the adults. During a song about an elephant they have to decide who can be faster moving his arms and legs during turn arounds. The song gets faster and faster.

 Another highlight is the founding of a children's band. The two musicians provide the kids with some rhythm instruments. 


In a break or after the show the children can ask question about Germany and Europe, but also about the instruments Heike and Andy play.


One is for sure, the children will have a lot of fun.